This is where I try to explain who I am using words, in the hope that I seem like a well adjusted human being.

I’m interested in the intersections of experience and the world; whether and how they can be engineered. The extent to which the synaesthetic indicates a level of intelligibility that transcends perception or if the medium really is the message. Whether historical materialism remains the only viable ideological position today.

I’m really quite deep, actually. Really deep.


DSDM agile project management (practitioner)

I’ve been told by a great many agile trainers that agile is the best. Way better than PRINCE2. I tend to agree.

Digital media (MA)

This was good, I was awarded a distinction. My dissertation was on gamergate, which was current at the time, and looked at the history of trolling and reactionary activism through the lens of Foucauldian discipline. There was other great stuff too, and Goldsmiths is a grand college.

Health and social care (NVQ3)

I spent a few years as a support worker, providing living assistance to adults with learning disabilities.

Philosophy and literature (MA)

I studied language, phenomenology, the classics, aesthetics, et cetera; and wrote a dissertation on irony and liberalism.